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An Era of Offense

“I’m offended!” A phrase that is often uttered in regards to religion and/or politics. If there ever was a word to describe the era we now live in, it would be offense. We are literally living in an era of offense. People seem to get offended about any and everything these days. It seems that you can’t even compliment someone on their appearance without them getting offended. This generation wears their feelings on their sleeves and one wrong look can send them into a tailspin of outrage. Of course, I believe most who claim to be offended by something are not truly offended. Being offended is now “in,” and many people are just following the trend. Most outrage that you see in the news, from your friends on social media, and from celebrities on television is simply false outrage.

Let’s be honest about their false outrage for a moment: it is simply for attention. They’re not really upset, and truth be told, many who show offense toward an issue were probably never bothered by it before 2016. For many, their offense is nothing more than a jab at the man who currently sits in the Oval Office. For others, they’re only offended because their friends are or because their favorite celebrity is. They don’t really care about the issue they claim to be offended over… they just like the attention they receive from being offended, both negative and positive.

I have noticed that most of today’s offense tends to be directed towards the biblical values that many Christians adhere to. One has to look no further than to cake bakers Jack Phillips and Aaron and Melissa Klein to see that this is the case. A gay couple walks into both of these baker’s bakeries, one in Colorado and the other in Oregon, not with the intention to buy a wedding cake (they knew beforehand the beliefs of the bakers), but with the intention to take their outrage to the courts when the bakers refused to serve them. Despite the fact that there were many other bakers who would have been more than happy to bake a cake for their wedding, they decided to use their “offense” as a way to garner attention for themselves and to destroy the livelihoods of these bakers who could not violate their conscious. This is the world we live in today.

Yet, Christians should not be caught off guard by the offense of the world. Jesus prophesied in his Olivet Discourse that the offense of many would be a sign of the last days (Matt. 24:10). I have to be honest, when I would read this passage years ago, I had no idea just how bad people’s offense would get. There is no doubt in my mind, with the rampant offense in our world today, that we are living in the last days. Maranatha!